KAPWA, which stands for Kamalayang Pilipino Workshop in the Arts, is directed towards creating a unique learning experience that highlights what is essentially Filipino, specifically in the field in the field of arts and culture. In dabbling with arts and culture, KAPWA increases the participant’s familiarity with his/her roots, and at the same time, elevates the individual’s artistry to even greater heights. What differentiates KAPWA from the other workshops is its strong vision of discovering and utilizing what is inherently Filipino and bringing it forward, creating a colorful cultural heritage that we can take pride of. More than a workshop that enhances the artistic potential of participants, KAPWA elevates the experience by bringing national pride on the spotlight, creating a deeper understanding and appreciation in being a Filipino. KAPWA has been officially launched in Rio Tuba, Palawan in 2016. KAPWA workshops have already been conducted in Cebu, AIMS (Asian Institute for Maritime Studies), Bohol, Calbayog, Makati City Jail, and during this year’s CCP Summer Arts Academy.

Apart from harnessing the participant’s physical instruments (Body, Voice, Mind) towards achieving artistic excellence, KAPWA also focuses in developing the artists’ mental and intellectual capabilities as critical thinkers, the artists’ human motivations that must serve, not only the self, but others, our country, and cultural heritage, and finally the development of the artists’ values and spirituality that take roots from his or her indigenous and religious beliefs. Through this, participants are able to develop their potential holistically. So that in the process, we’re not only developing great artists, but excellent human beings using their artistry for the common good.